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Management Practises

The Claronden stud strives to breed fast growing functional rams with good shape and carcase qualities.

The stud is a member of Sheep Genetics Australia and all rams are sold with Lamplan figures for growth, fat and eye muscle depth, to assist with selection. Lambplan is used in stud selection, but we also like to see actual performance and are not prepared to sacrifice the other valued traits we select for. Our sheep tend to be near the top end for post weaning weight EBV's and excel at weaning weight, which is a big advantage when producing early sucker lambs.

We do some showing as we believe this keeps checks and balances on structural correctness and helps motivate us to use the best genetics available.

Rams are reared predominantly on pasture at a high stocking rate along side of a commercial prime lamb ewe flock. They do not have the advantage of top fattening soils or low stocking rates, so they tend to shift well.

We invest in the best stock available, with artificial insemination being used extensively to bring the most profitable genetics to the prime lamb producer.


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